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Kamikaze Tapes

Limited Edition Grateful Dead Bootleg Tapes (200)

by Grateful Dead Bootleg Tapes

  • Random Grateful Dead Bootleg Cassette "Grab-Bag" LIMITED EDITION OF 200

    Kamikaze Tapes is proud to offer a "grab bag" style collection of authentic Grateful Dead bootleg tapes. For just $5 we will select a live Grateful Dead bootleg cassette at random from our massive collection of concert recordings. You could receive anything from an early 1967 show recorded in a small club to a massive stadium show from 1989. Each tape is unique in it's art design, sound quality and musical content. Remember, these are bootleg cassettes of live Grateful Dead concerts - some may have been recorded directly from the soundboard, and some may have been taped by an audience member using home audio equipment. Each cassette is special in it's own right, as a work of art and as a relic of the golden age of tape trading. Nearly every cassette in the collection is a Maxell XLII C-90, which was the recording medium of choice for most tapers.

    Sold Out


released August 20, 2016



Grateful Dead Bootleg Tapes Cape Coral, Florida

A taper is a person who records musical events, often from standing microphones in the audience, for the benefit of the musical group's fanbase. Such taping was popularized in the late 1960s and early 1970s by fans of the Grateful Dead. Audio recording was allowed at shows and fans would share their tapes through trade. Taping and trading became a Grateful Dead sub-culture. ... more

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